11 June 2022

 Hi all ! ... I have had a request from RIC CHEADLE (School House 1962-68) asking if there is anyone who can put him in touch with his best man, KEVIN FROST (Wyke Lodge), as Ric has lost touch over the years and would like Kevin to be at his 50th. Wedding Anniversary ... please e-mail me with any contact details and I will pass them on to Ric ... Thank you ... Doug Clews

11 January 2022

 I received today an e-mail from Nigel Parkes (1976 -1979) reading as below: 

(The attached photo appears in the photos section under OTC, JTC, CCF)



You might be interested in the attached photo of the CCF RAF section summer camp at RAF St Athan 1977. I was in the section from 1976 until about 1979.

St Athan had a collection of historic aircraft at the time. Three of us managed to get assigned to the 'museum’ (thus avoiding square bashing etc) and spent the week polishing the inside of various aircraft canopies - which of course involved sitting in the cockpit! Watched over by a kindly old hand of a sergeant who served us chicory coffee, I guess he was glad of the company as no one visited the museum. 
We acquired a sheet of self adhesive orange day-glo plastic and made Penguin stickers (copied from the chocolate bar) in honour of Flt Lt (Pengy) Fletcher - these stickers turned up everywhere. 

28 December 2021

Chris and Doug wish everyone a Happy, Safe 2022

13 December 2021

 I have received a request from a potential member, Smith B (Bev) 1957 - 1964, for the FULL text of the Founder's Day prayer ... can anyone out there help please ?

Stay safe ... Cheers ... Doug

15 July 2021

 A big 'Thank you' to Bernard Webber for sending in a fantastic photo of John Ashurst at the ripe young age of 98 ... 

Mr. Ashurst was Head Master from 1964 to 1971 and will be well remembered by those students under his care.

The photo is posted in the 'Teachers' section in Photos

17 June 2021

I am posting a copy of a message I received personally, albeit last december, in the hope that someone might be able to help John ... Hi Doug I'm afraid I'm a total stranger and this is a very long shot. An old friend of mine, Howard Kidd, who is not very PC savvy has asked me if I could try to find a contact for a childhood friend of his, Simon Barrow, who went to Peter Symonds. I see you seem to be still very involved with Peter Symonds and I just wondered is you might be able to help me. All I know is that Simon was in the Upper 6th at Peter Symonds in 1971. If you can help, I'd be most grateful. My name is John Graham-Hart and my email address is johngrahamhart@gmail.com Many thanks John G-H

21 May 2021

Mike Conlan

 I have taken the liberty of posting a copy of a letter to the Symondians Association from Mike Conlan's Widow ... perhaps some of us can help ...


Dear All,


Hard to believe, but yes, it's ten years on June 4th since Mike sadly died. As a means of marking the occasion myself and the girls are doing a hike up various mountains between the 4th and 6th June to raise some money for The Royal Marsden Hospital who specialise in research for the rare type of cancer that Mike had. The link below will explain in greater detail.


As ten years seems like a poignant point in time,  I thought some of you might like to visit the Justgiving website and support the cause. Also please feel free to pass the link on to anyone who you think would be interested.




I trust everyone is well and survived the last fifteen months of Covid restrictions! 


Very best wishes .


Vron X