31 May 2009

Panoramic School Photographs

Panoramic school photographs were taken during my time in the 1950s. The motorised camera slowly panned round and It was said that, on occasion, a boy would run around the back of the group to the other end so as to be photographed twice, although I've not personally seen evidence of this - maybe you have?

These photos. were taken by Panora Ltd. of London, which ceased to be in the late 1980s. I understand that the company's negatives dating from 1968 to 1985 were deposited with the Documentary Photography Archive, whose collections are housed at The Greater Manchester County Record Office. Earlier negatives have not survived so if you have any prints, hang on to them!

Does anyone know of a group, society or association for alumni (or alumnae) of Eggar's Grammar School, Alton, Hants.? I have a 1954 Eggar's photo., by Panora Ltd., which may be of interest to someone. 


30 May 2009

Master '57

The gentleman below seems to have arrived in '57 but does not show on the '58 Panorama Photo ... anyone know who he is please ?

Doug from WOZ

Masters '58


Is anyone able to help with Names and/or Nicknames for any of the Teachers shown above who were present in 1958, please ...

To assist with identification, we will number them left to right with 1 to 8 on the top row and
9 & 10 on the 2nd. row ...

No.7 is possibly Mr. Steve (Chalky) White

Very many thanks ...


NOTE: Since posting this, No.7 is confirmed as Mr. Steve (Chalky) White, No.3 as Mr. Cyril Stapleton (was that his real first name, or a nick-name after the Band Leader?), No.8 Mr. (Fergie) Ferguson and No.10 Mr. Bray, but was it Neddie or Reggie ?

The others remain unidentified or are in doubt still.

(See comments below)

Doug from WOZ
PSSW '45 - '50

27 May 2009

A Last Letter From Doc

You can see it in my 'Pip's Pics' photo album. This is just a standard letter, which was probably sent out before the start of each term or school year. No doubt I kept this one, dated August 1956, as it would be one of the last to bear Doc's name - a reminder of the end of an era. 


I was hoping to be able to place these in appropriate folders. However, it appears that the web site does not allow this.

Symondian Photos from 'John'

Many thanks go to John for the 7 photos he has just posted, taken from the 'Symondian' ,,, and just when I was beginning to think everyone had deserted the site !!!

I feel reasonably certain that there must be many other pics and 'tales' out there, perhaps hidden away in shoe-boxes, or suitcases in the attic and temporarily forgotten ... we would love to share them with you on our site ...

Once again, many thanks John ...

Keep smiling everyone ...

All the best ...

Doug Clews
Glen Forrest
Western Australia

26 May 2009

Pics from the Symondian 1968-9

These came from the school magazine, mostly of the athletics day of that year, and yes that's me in the results photo - a delinquent then in my baseball boots - the only kid wearing them in the whole school! If anyone can be recognised.. I think the masters are Brian Bass (English), John (?) Pierce and the others I can't remember.

22 May 2009

New Zealand

Are there any other Old Symondians in New Zealand or do I have the whole country to myself?

08 May 2009

A belated thanks ...

... to Doug, for the huge effort he's put in to get all that material - obits, recollections, etc - up into the Notes section.

Cheers, Doug!