16 November 2008

Answering a message from Scotty1500

Hi Scotty,
Thanks for the greetings, and a merry Christmas to you and to all our members.
We are enjoying a quiet time. Anne and I have just become governors of a local primary school, she takes the major role of vice-chairman. We are both on training courses, one day a week for five weeks. There seems to be a lot of bureaucracy nowadays. When we tell the others on the course that we used to be governors thirty years ago their eyes glaze over.
I am reading the lesson at our local Congregational church this morning for the first time. Shades of the feeling of duty that Doc used to instill in us.
 This MSN site is going to close in February and we have to arrange a transfer to another site. It is supposed to be an easy process but will involve everyone in answering an email from the new site saying that they would like to become a member of the newly transferred group. More information will follow,
Once again,
have a happy Christmas,
Jim Wishart, joint manager.

Seasonal Greetings

The Crackers and Trees, Puddings and Hams have been in the stores for at least 4 months so I had better wish all the traditional compliments of the season, if your religious outlook has changed since schooldays may you enjoy the break from your employment and if you are retired may you continue to enjoy life. If you are now alone please feel free to treat us, your one time school chums, as friends and family now and at any time of the year. My children are spread around the world as are many, so I too have decided to move and hope to live for the next few years 1250 kms (800 miles) to the south of my current home in Townsville, for the locals they are able to realise I am talking about Brisbane fortunately it will still be a warm and comfortable climate. Merry Xmas to all.