18 March 2018

Below is a copy of an e-mail I received today from GORDON SHINN ... If anyone out there would like to contact him, please let me know, and I will arrange contact ... Cheers all !


I was a boarder at Kelso House/Barton Seagrave from 1971 to 1976, being 16 when I left after taking my O levels, when my dad left the army. I had two older brothers - Barry and Michael. Michael left the school in 1971/72 when we were living in Germany. Sadly he passed away in 2009, aged 51. Barry would have left in 1975, I think, when he was 18.
I’ve recent taken early retirement from Hampshire County Council in Winchester, where I worked for 20 years in two 10 year spells, with two years in South Africa in between. After leaving Peter Symonds, we went to Caernarfon where I took my A levels. I married Sharon, who I met at school in Caernarfon. After that I had a career in local government finance and moved around the country and abroad (Jersey and South Africa).
Anyone who remembers me or my brothers want to get in touch?
Gordon Shinn

10 March 2018

Hi Doug

As mentioned in my earlier e-mail to you, I remember both Mark Steer and John Everett,if he's the one whose dad owned North Walls Motor Works, from my time at Peter Symonds.