18 December 2009


The season's greetings to All.

I recently came upon a photo. of a Slingsby Grasshopper glider that rang a bell. I'm pretty sure that this is the type that we had in the CCF during the 1950s, housed in collapsed form in a 'hanger' at the bottom of the School field. (I've put the photo. in my 'Pip's Pics.' album).

Some light 'Googling' confirmed that this is indeed the glider issued to CCFs during that period.

Although my memory is misty and unreliable I seem to remember 'Tom' Pierce piloting, powered by chaps stretching a 'bungee'. I also recall an apocryphal story about 'Tom' landing on the canteen roof - but that may have been wishful thinking!

If anyone has a tale to tell about the glider I, for one, would like to hear it.


17 December 2009