18 April 2013

New Obituary

Jim Wishart has, today, kindly transcribed and posted a copy of an Obituary for much liked and respected Art and Geography teacher, Mr. J. L. (Jack) Northeast.
His post appears in the 'OBITUARIES' section.
Thanks Jim !

26 March 2013

The grounds of Peter Symonds' College in Winchester have been dug up over the last two weekends.
The field off Bereweeke Road would have been outside the main settlement in Roman, Anglo-Saxon and the medieval period.
Stephen Jarvis, science technician at the sixth form college, said: “We have found a few different finds, including some Bronze Age flints about 4,000 years old and some clay pipes from the 17th century.”

Acknowledgement: The above is part of an article I extracted from the ‘On-line’ version of the Hampshire Chronicle today … Thank you Hampshire Chronicle !

A few more old fossils to add to those of us already on here maybe ?

07 February 2013

I have copied this from the 'HOME' page and posted it here too ...

Jim, Chris and Doug, would like to wish all members, their families and friends, wherever you may be, a very Happy New Year and sincerely hope that 2013 brings good health and all else that you wish for yourselves.
02 January 2013

Well, as you are aware, we are 'up and running' here on our new site ... there remain a few 'teething' problems, which we hope to iron out as soon as possible, but they do not prevent anyone from viewing the site, or prevent members from 'posting' messages, memories or photos.

As in the past, the site is not moderated, so members are requested to be considerate of other members when posting new material, or commenting on other members posts ... it is fair to say, that any material considered to be offensive, or inappropriate, in any shape or form, will be removed at the discretion of the site managers.
Thank you for you assistance in this respect.

It is now up to YOU to make the site work by posting material for all to enjoy ... we very much look forward to reading your posts.

29 January 2013

Hi All
At last I have got onto the new site.  I was away quite a bit from December to now. I had by then forgotten how to get in on the new site, but all OK now.
You all seem to have made a good job of transferring
best wishes
John or Mick