22 September 2015

A welcome goes to Mark Steer, who has joined us today ...

As can be seen from his post, mark is hopeful of making contact with fellow students who were at the school during his era (1964 - 1969) ...  

We wish him every success in his mission to obtain information that he will be able to share with his 'twin' town in Brittany, as well as provide information for our site.

Doug Clews (Joint Manager)
Western Australia 

Peter Symonds 1964 to 1969

Hi All,

I was at Peter Symonds 1964 to 1969 and haven't thought much about my time there until very recently. I now live in South Wales and am involved in a local Town Twinning. We have just had a visit from our Twin Town in Brittany and talking to one of our visitors it transpires that she was a French Teaching Assistant at Peter Symonds in the late 1960's! She has a school cap and some photos etc from her time there which I hope to see when we have a return trip to Brittany next year.
I will ask her if she will allow me to post on this site.
My time at Peter Symonds was mostly good but as a 'Prefect' I used to dread reading the lesson in Assembly - I was very shy then! Also my time in the CCF (Army) was not without it's problems for me - trying to teach and control younger members subjects like Fieldcraft.
I managed to obtain reasonable A'Level results in Sciences and went on to study Chemistry at Bath University. I then worked in the Chemical Industry for a number of years and am now retired.
I'm now very involved in local organisations particularly the environment and nature. I can't remember the name of our Biology Teacher who inspired my interest in the natural world - perhaps someone remembers?

Maybe someone out there remembers me!

Mark Steer

06 July 2015

A welcome goes out to John Everett, who joined us today ...

In his application to join, John stated ...

"I was a Symondian from 1963 to 1970 and would very much like to assure myself that this period was not a dream but indeed formed the ‘happiest days of my life’ (I always believed that Alistair Sim was a master !)."...

It is hoped that someone out there, preferably in John's era at school, can confirm that it was NOT a dream, and that it was only SOMETIMES like St.Trinians !!!

Keep smiling !!!

05 January 2015


In welcoming new member Anthony Redshaw to our fold, I have taken the liberty of copying his 'comment' to a post made by Mike Minty back in 2001 re Model Aircraft ... my reason for doing this is that Anthony is keen to hear from Mike Minty and it is possible his comments will not be seen on such an old post, so here is what he has to say ...

HI Mike,

If I remember correctly I think we we sat next to each other in Physics in the upper fifth Science Class.. Am I right? I still remember you (if it was you) showing me how to draw three dimensional doodles
I have just found this comment from 'Wong' as I knew Peter Evans. I was the one who built and flew the ME109 with Peter during my stay at Peter Symonds from 1955 to 1962.and also 'flew' with Paul Lacey.who left in 1960. We were all boarders in School House.

This was posted by you and Peter 14 years ago but If you read this do contact me.

Best wishes Tony Redshaw ajrindonesia@hotmail.com

Good luck Anthony ...
Doug Clews


Jim, Chris and Doug would like to wish everyone a

We hope that you enjoy the site and possibly get to catch up with some
of your ex school mates from the time you were at Peter Symonds' ...

Take care all, keep smiling and please keep those posts coming in ...