05 January 2015


In welcoming new member Anthony Redshaw to our fold, I have taken the liberty of copying his 'comment' to a post made by Mike Minty back in 2001 re Model Aircraft ... my reason for doing this is that Anthony is keen to hear from Mike Minty and it is possible his comments will not be seen on such an old post, so here is what he has to say ...

HI Mike,

If I remember correctly I think we we sat next to each other in Physics in the upper fifth Science Class.. Am I right? I still remember you (if it was you) showing me how to draw three dimensional doodles
I have just found this comment from 'Wong' as I knew Peter Evans. I was the one who built and flew the ME109 with Peter during my stay at Peter Symonds from 1955 to 1962.and also 'flew' with Paul Lacey.who left in 1960. We were all boarders in School House.

This was posted by you and Peter 14 years ago but If you read this do contact me.

Best wishes Tony Redshaw ajrindonesia@hotmail.com

Good luck Anthony ...
Doug Clews

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  1. Dear Doug,
    Thanks for the invitation to join the blog.

    Michael Minty has already responded to me following a message.though www.friendsreunited.co.uk which I got from your blog. I have also contacted Nigel Carpenter who was also in School house at the same time as me and Peter Evans. I shall shortly be contacting Alan Ives who left one year after me and who wrote a very accurate account of life at School house. There seems to be a lot of people mentioned in the blog who were there at the same time as me 55-62/3.

    I will make further comments in time. In the meantime thanks again for providing me access.


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