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 Pictures from The Symondian '68 - '69 
posted by John (Howling Jack)



jameswishart wrote on May 27, '09
great pictures John. I think the master is Tom Pierce isn't it?

tottridge wrote on May 27, '09
The Colonel - Hammond

tottridge wrote on May 27, '09
Ron - Biffer - Smith. Physics. "Ha, wretch!"

deeceeau wrote on May 27, '09
Hi Jim and all ... yes, great pictures !!!
Re Mr Pierce ... actually 'George' Pierce ... Tom was his nick-name (you know, the Widdecombe Fair one)

bernardwebber wrote on May 31, '09
Mr Bass (English)

bernardwebber wrote on May 31, '09
Mr Perkins, of course, and next to him Philip Brooks.

rjbialy wrote on Jun 7, '09
Yes, Mister Perkins (Perky) - responsible for my dislike of almost all classical music - took me many years to get over associating anything clasical with his expression of contempt for us 1960s teenagers and our love of pop music as we were forced to listen to his selections interspersed with his diatribes ...

dedennis wrote on Oct 27, '09, edited on Oct 27, '09
Brian Bass - who I think went on to become headmaster of Manchester Grammar School. BGB helped keep the choral tradition going at PS and I was in the same form as his son Julian at both primary school and at PS. I think that the person sitting next to him is Mrs. (Elizabeth) Batt who temporarily helped teach Geography after the death of Mr. Northeast in the Autumn term of 1968 and was the mother of OS Mike Batt of (inter alia) the signature tune to the Wombles of Wimbledon fame.

dedennis wrote on Oct 27, '09, edited on Oct 27, '09
The other gentleman at the rear of the Mid-Hants Band photograph is Mr. John(?) Knight an external teacher who taught brass instrument playing on a Friday

A 1939 Postcard
Kindly supplied by John Piper

The above postcard, dated and posted on Sunday 16th. July 1939, was sent to a Musician J. Hughes serving, at the time, on H.M.S. Eagle ... As a matter of interest, HMS eagle was sunk in the Med. by a U boat in 1942. Musician Seaman Hughes does not appear in the casualty list, so hopefully he was one of the rescued, if indeed he was still a crew member at that time.
The front of the postcard shows an aerial view of Peter Symonds' School, and it is possible the original photo predates the card in 1939.
The caretakers of the day were not known by me when I joined the School in September 1944, as it was then George Yaldren and his wife, but it is possible someone out there will remember them. (It was not known if Musician J Hughes was an ex student of the School, but further research by John Piper suggests that he wasn't)

Another postcard with the same aerial photo of the School has been found by John Piper ... this time, the card is postmarked 'Winchester 6 October 1934' and the signature 'P.T.F.' suggests it was sent by Doc. Freeman to a Mr. A.H.Davis.


  1. I think the 'ha wretch' photo might be Mr Mancey-Jones, who taught me Latin for two years until I unsuccessfully ad lib 'ed my way through an exam. If you could get him talking about Ancient Rome, he would witter on for the whole lesson an no Latin would be done. Result. He lived at Tegdown. Not sadistic, unusually for Peter Symonds.

  2. No, the master in the Ha Wretch photo is Mr R (Biffer) Smith who taught Physics.

    1. Agreed Dave ... Definitely Ron (Biffer) Smith


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