Main Building - Date unknown, but prior to 1944
Note: As kindly pointed out by John Piper on 11th. August 2017, 
the photo above appears on page 20 in Neil Jenkinson's book,  'The History Of Peter Symonds', and is dated circa 1904 ... The caption reads 'Drill'... this would seem to be the forerunner of 'Harry's Army'.

Originally posted by Jim Wishart when he started this site in 2000

Note: From information received from John Piper on 1st. December 2016,
by way of a copy of a postcard with this same photo on it, the above photo dates
prior to Sunday 16th. July 1939, not circa 1946 as originally thought.
(See 'Photos General' for the poscard)

Note 2: On 19th. August 2017, John Piper advised he had found another postcard with the same photo on it, this time postmarked 6th October 1934 ...
The photo shows the building that housed the woodwork room and, in John Piper's day, the music room. Neil Jenkinson's book, The History Of Peter Symonds', tells us that a ‘manual instruction room for carpentry and the armoury’ was erected in January 1933.
That being the case, the date the photo was taken must lie between January 1933 and 6th October 1934. (or, say, a month or two earlier to allow time for production and distribution of the card ready for sale in the October)

Aerial View circa 1964/65

The buildings layout of Peter Symonds' College - 2011

Main Building (currently known as Northbrook Building) - circa 2010

Main Building (Northbrook), Terrace and Steps to School Field - circa 2010

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