26 May 2011


A welcome goes to Paul Courtnage (Courtney) who joined our ranks today ...
A 'Thank You' also is in order to Chris Cooper for finding and posting Paul's work 'Courtney's Journal' ... as has already been stated, "A very interesting piece", which has prompted welcome postings from other members ...

Doug Clews

25 May 2011

Courtney's Journal

I just came across this: 'Vox Clamantis In Deserto', a whole book on the Web, by Paul Courtnage ('Courtney'), who was at PS from the late 60s. This period is covered in Chapter 2, http://www.projectoceanvision.com/vox-02.htm 

Very interesting. Was Cooksie really called Silas?  Paul is one of the vast majority who hated him.

If you like Phantoms and Tornados and stuff, you'll like reading about his RAF career.

There's supposed to be a video of PS made in 2010, accessed via a button on that page, but I can't make it work.

I've invited Paul to join this group.