A Nostalgia Corner of Peter Symonds' School, Winchester, Hampshire, to share memories of the school and anything associated with it, exclusively for ex students and staff, of any era, together with their families.

Jim, Chris and Doug would like to wish all ex students, their families and friends a very Happy Christmas, and hope that 2019 brings all that you wish for yourselves ... 
Keep smiling !

Jim, Chris and Doug, would like to wish all members, their families and friends, wherever you may be, a very Happy New Year and sincerely hope that 2017 brings good health and all else that you wish for yourselves.
10 April 2015

We have now been on our new site since 2013, and there remain a few problems, specifically in the area of 'picture/photo posting', in as much that members are not able to post directly to a nominated category, such as students, or teachers, or whatever ... these problems, however, do not prevent anyone from viewing the site, nor prevent members from 'posting' messages, memories or photos ... at this stage, Admin need to 'move' photos to the desired category AFTER members have posted them to the site ... messy and time consuming, but it appears to be the ONLY way ... if anyone has any suggestions, possibly by using an alternative site, we would be glad to hear from them ... Thanks !

As in the past, the site is not moderated, so members are requested to be considerate of other members when posting new material, or commenting on other members posts ... it is fair to say, that any material considered to be offensive, or inappropriate, in any shape or form, will be removed at the discretion of the site managers.
Thank you for you assistance in this respect.

It is now up to YOU to make the site work by posting material for all to enjoy ... we very much look forward to reading your posts.