09 August 2009

Booklet on Peter Symonds

I visited the Hamshire Record Office in Winchester recently and was surprised to see that they were selling (for £1) a nice booklet (A4 size 28 pages) titled "Peter Symonds: Merchant, Almshouse, School and College".  The booklet was produced to commemorate the reopening of the  Northbrook building on 18th January 2008.  It is not clear who published it, but it appears to be written by Dr John Hare who is on the staff of the college and David Rymill of the Hampshire Record Office.

As its title suggests, the booklet starts by describing Peter Symonds himself and the almshouses.  There then is a lot of material on the history of the school, together with a fair number of photographs that I have never seen before.

Has anyone else seen this booklet?  If there is some interest, I will scan some of the illustrations and put them on this site.  


A welcome goes to George Bowen, who has just joined us ...

Perhaps you could post a few bits and pieces about yourself George and your years spent at PSSW for all to share ...

Hope you enjoy the site and maybe catch up with some class-mates and share some memories ...

Doug Clews
Glen Forrest
Western Australia