21 May 2021

Mike Conlan

 I have taken the liberty of posting a copy of a letter to the Symondians Association from Mike Conlan's Widow ... perhaps some of us can help ...


Dear All,


Hard to believe, but yes, it's ten years on June 4th since Mike sadly died. As a means of marking the occasion myself and the girls are doing a hike up various mountains between the 4th and 6th June to raise some money for The Royal Marsden Hospital who specialise in research for the rare type of cancer that Mike had. The link below will explain in greater detail.


As ten years seems like a poignant point in time,  I thought some of you might like to visit the Justgiving website and support the cause. Also please feel free to pass the link on to anyone who you think would be interested.




I trust everyone is well and survived the last fifteen months of Covid restrictions! 


Very best wishes .


Vron X