31 January 2009

msn groups closing?

I understand MSN groups is closing in a few weeks time; where will we find "PS unofficial" after that?

07 January 2009

Jim Wishart

I am sure I speak for all members when I welcome Jim back to the fold ... Jim, unfortunately, had a hiccup in the 'engine room' and spent New Year in hospital ...

Glad to hear you are home again Jim and progressing well ...

From all of us, take care, keep smiling and we wish you and Anne all the very best ...

Doug Clews
on behalf of all the members of our Group

04 January 2009

The Masters 1954

Hi All,

My first message, which can be seen under 'New messages', 'Pip539' at the bottom of the home page, was intended for the managers but I guess I got that wrong. I'm not having much luck with Windows MSN, probably because I'm an Apple Mac guy.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in my pix of masters taken from the 1954 Panora school photo., all 27 of 'em, you can contact me directly at jayw(dot)piper(at)googlemail(dot)com - I can't post them on the site as, in total, they exceed the storage size limit!

All the best