31 January 2009

msn groups closing?

I understand MSN groups is closing in a few weeks time; where will we find "PS unofficial" after that?


  1. hi Costa Blanca, I am taking a back seat for a while but Doug has the transfer of the group to another site in hand. regards, jim

  2. Hi Jim and Costa Bianca 8

    As Jim stated, the transfer is in hand ... I am uncertain how long the whole process will take, as I am told they are facing many hundreds of requests ... MSN closes on 21st. February, so, hopefully, the new site will be up and running by then ... we can only keep our fingers crossed ...

    Will post any news I receive relating to the transfer ...

    Keep smiling ...

    Doug Clews (Joint Manager)
    Western Australia

    2009/1/31 jim wishart <james@wishart100.freeserve.co.uk>

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    msn groups closing?



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