07 January 2009

Jim Wishart

I am sure I speak for all members when I welcome Jim back to the fold ... Jim, unfortunately, had a hiccup in the 'engine room' and spent New Year in hospital ...

Glad to hear you are home again Jim and progressing well ...

From all of us, take care, keep smiling and we wish you and Anne all the very best ...

Doug Clews
on behalf of all the members of our Group


  1. I'd like to add my good wishes in person, Jim. A happy and prosperous 2009 to you and yours!   And, of course, to everyone else in the group!   Chris

  2. Thanks Chris and Doug, The words of encouragement are much appreciated.   A short stay in the John Radcliffe at Oxford plus a bit of angiography from my surgeon Mr Prendergast was all I needed regards, jim

  3. Welcome to the "Club" Jim. My thoughts are with you, no doubt the new diet regime plus others will seem an imposition but modern day medicines are one of the positives of an advanceing civilisation

    John Scott 1948-53

  4. Thanks Scotty, I'm back in harness and trying to catch up with emails. Just had stitches removed this morning, what's that you say, 'too much information?' We are concerned about the move that MSN is bringing about, we have to find a new home, must do some homework on that, regards, jim   just re-reading a book that I bought recently, 'The self-aware universe' by Amit Goswami, really enjoyed it. Idealist philosophy reinforced by new findings in quantum theory!


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