04 January 2009

The Masters 1954

Hi All,

My first message, which can be seen under 'New messages', 'Pip539' at the bottom of the home page, was intended for the managers but I guess I got that wrong. I'm not having much luck with Windows MSN, probably because I'm an Apple Mac guy.

Anyway, if any of you are interested in my pix of masters taken from the 1954 Panora school photo., all 27 of 'em, you can contact me directly at jayw(dot)piper(at)googlemail(dot)com - I can't post them on the site as, in total, they exceed the storage size limit!

All the best


  1. Hi there Pip539 ... Welcome aboard ... I hope you enjoy the site and maybe catch up with an ex colleague or three ...

    You may have read back through some of the old messages and discovered that we lost a lot of photos a while back when the site sort of 'crashed' ... we are, therefore, always very pleased to receive photos ...

    If you are happy to do so, may I suggest you e-mail copies to me direct as I believe, as a Site Manager, I may have the ability to bypass size restrictions and post them to the site for you ... my e-mail address is: deeceeau@gmail.com

    Take care all and keep smiling ...

    Doug Clews (Joint Manager)
    Western Australia

  2. Pip539 comes up with pix I would have known but only at the end of school 1954 and with a Mac origin too - Ahhh the joys of Mac - now i will try and view same and hope I can retrieve some pleasure.

    PS For Doug & Mike my children have moved me to Brisbane "where they can keep their eye on me", but seriously its a new Retirement village in Brisbane and despite my misgivings I actually like it. However my email address has had to change now is waxrose@libertyseniorliving.com.au

    Happy New Year to you all

    John Scott 1948-1953


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