05 January 2015


Jim, Chris and Doug would like to wish everyone a

We hope that you enjoy the site and possibly get to catch up with some
of your ex school mates from the time you were at Peter Symonds' ...

Take care all, keep smiling and please keep those posts coming in ...

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  1. As a new Member I am responding to comments made in March 2001 about Classroom Memories. in which the science teacher 'Fergie' is remembered for his his treacle tin explosion and the potassium being sliced with the pen knife fire.
    He was an exciting science teacher who inspired my interest in science. . The exploding treacle tin was one of the things I have told my children about because the don't do that sort of thing any more.He also joked with us that as a Scotsman he would use water with a few drops of Hydrochloric acid as a cheap white wine!
    Believe it or not 'Fergie' also entertained us once in Latin. when he took a class while EO Jones was off sick. He asked us to make a translation of the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' Done as a group it and led by him it was a great laugh which we all enjoyed it..The result was something like this:-
    Humptius Dumptius in muro sedit
    Humptius Dumptius e muro cecidit
    omnes Equidae rex
    et omnes homines rex
    non denuo iunxit

    Excuse the my latin, (I only got 55% at 'O' level thanks to EO Jones, Mr. Shields and Mr. Cooksey) but it shows that I learned some latin from 'Fergie' It was the best latin lesson I ever had! We all feared the dreaded latin lessons with EO so it was a great treat..
    Does anyone else remember this, perhaps you can improve my version.It must have been between 1955 and 1956 so anyone taking latin then would have been there.


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