22 September 2015

Peter Symonds 1964 to 1969

Hi All,

I was at Peter Symonds 1964 to 1969 and haven't thought much about my time there until very recently. I now live in South Wales and am involved in a local Town Twinning. We have just had a visit from our Twin Town in Brittany and talking to one of our visitors it transpires that she was a French Teaching Assistant at Peter Symonds in the late 1960's! She has a school cap and some photos etc from her time there which I hope to see when we have a return trip to Brittany next year.
I will ask her if she will allow me to post on this site.
My time at Peter Symonds was mostly good but as a 'Prefect' I used to dread reading the lesson in Assembly - I was very shy then! Also my time in the CCF (Army) was not without it's problems for me - trying to teach and control younger members subjects like Fieldcraft.
I managed to obtain reasonable A'Level results in Sciences and went on to study Chemistry at Bath University. I then worked in the Chemical Industry for a number of years and am now retired.
I'm now very involved in local organisations particularly the environment and nature. I can't remember the name of our Biology Teacher who inspired my interest in the natural world - perhaps someone remembers?

Maybe someone out there remembers me!

Mark Steer

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