30 May 2009

Masters '58


Is anyone able to help with Names and/or Nicknames for any of the Teachers shown above who were present in 1958, please ...

To assist with identification, we will number them left to right with 1 to 8 on the top row and
9 & 10 on the 2nd. row ...

No.7 is possibly Mr. Steve (Chalky) White

Very many thanks ...


NOTE: Since posting this, No.7 is confirmed as Mr. Steve (Chalky) White, No.3 as Mr. Cyril Stapleton (was that his real first name, or a nick-name after the Band Leader?), No.8 Mr. (Fergie) Ferguson and No.10 Mr. Bray, but was it Neddie or Reggie ?

The others remain unidentified or are in doubt still.

(See comments below)

Doug from WOZ
PSSW '45 - '50


  1. No.7 is Chalky, I'm sure. Could No.8 be Fergie?

  2. Isn't No. 3 Cyril Stapleton? (Maths). No.10 is Reggie Bray, (Phys Ed) if memory serves. And having to guess what 10-12 years would have done to these chaps!
    Tony Ottridge

  3. Hi John

    Now I know why the face was familiar ... No.8 Mr. (Fergie) Ferguson ... I'll pay that

  4. 1. Ollie Osbourne (?) Woodwork, 2 ? but taught a science -physics?, 3 Cyril Stapleton Maths, 4. Morgan French? 5. ? 6. ? 7. Chalky White Maths, 8. Fergie Ferguson Chemistry, 9. ? 10 Neddie Bray Maths and PE

  5. Hi Doug,
    The last one, I think, is 'Josh' Bone who was teaching Maths and sports =
    at least up until 1971 when I left. As for the others, I can't help.

  6. Woops! Should've read the last comment... Of course Ned Bray.

  7. Hi Guys

    Thanks a million for the response so far ... I think we can fairly safely put names to 3, 7, & 8, and a surname to 10 (Bray), but is it Reggie with a nickname 'Neddie' or what ? ... the rest, I think you will all agree, must remain in the 'not absolutely sure' box at this point ...

    Stick with it and don't forget 'Percy' ...

  8. Dont know the name of No.2 but believe his nickname was "Doberman" after the character in Sgt. Bilko.


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