27 May 2009

Symondian Photos from 'John'

Many thanks go to John for the 7 photos he has just posted, taken from the 'Symondian' ,,, and just when I was beginning to think everyone had deserted the site !!!

I feel reasonably certain that there must be many other pics and 'tales' out there, perhaps hidden away in shoe-boxes, or suitcases in the attic and temporarily forgotten ... we would love to share them with you on our site ...

Once again, many thanks John ...

Keep smiling everyone ...

All the best ...

Doug Clews
Glen Forrest
Western Australia


  1. I am trying to upload photos but I do not seem to be able to move them into the correct albums.

  2. Hi John
    We have been trying to find the answer to this problem, virtually since day one of this site, but it seems that every time someone posts photos they automatically create a new album ... I feel sure there IS a way, but yet to find it ... any help from anyone would be gratefully received !!!

    Doug from WOZ


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