31 May 2009

Panoramic School Photographs

Panoramic school photographs were taken during my time in the 1950s. The motorised camera slowly panned round and It was said that, on occasion, a boy would run around the back of the group to the other end so as to be photographed twice, although I've not personally seen evidence of this - maybe you have?

These photos. were taken by Panora Ltd. of London, which ceased to be in the late 1980s. I understand that the company's negatives dating from 1968 to 1985 were deposited with the Documentary Photography Archive, whose collections are housed at The Greater Manchester County Record Office. Earlier negatives have not survived so if you have any prints, hang on to them!

Does anyone know of a group, society or association for alumni (or alumnae) of Eggar's Grammar School, Alton, Hants.? I have a 1954 Eggar's photo., by Panora Ltd., which may be of interest to someone. 



  1. Hi John

    Found these web addresses re Eggar's Alumni... not sure how helpful they will be ...

    (Looks as though you might have to become a member (free) to view the lists in this one)


    Good luck !!!

    Doug from WOZ

  2. Thanks Doug - I don't think that I really want to join those sites though. No sign of any other site or group so clearly Eggar's alumni don't feel the same degree of nostalgia for their old school as we do for ours.

    Did any of you guys, or your siblings, attend Sherborne House prep. school, Chandlers Ford? You guessed it, having scanned my PSS photos. I decided to scan all the others I have, so if anyone is interested I also have the Sherborne House 1947 group photo.


  3. Hi John ... well, I thought I had replied to this on the 3rd. in fact, I know I did, but where it went no-one knows !!!

    I personally, would love a copy of the 1947 Sherbourne House photo, as several of my friends from C/Ford went there ... sadly, some of them from that era are no longer with us ...
    If of interest, I have copies of a 1934 photo and the School Brownies in 1946, both taken from Barbara Hillier's book, 'Chandler's Ford, A Pictorial History'.

    Doug from WOZ


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