29 June 2009

Teachers '58 - Kindly supplied by John Piper

If anyone can supply any of the missing names, or detects any errors, please let me know ... thanks !


  1. I spent a pleasant Sunday yesterday on Queensland's Gold Coast chatting, reminiscing and being generally nostalgic with my former supervisor from Melbourne's Weather Bureau a man I had not seen or spoken to since 1976 - obviously we both had a wonderful time but the attached fotos outstrip those memories by another 30 years - Thank you John Piper, I scrolled slowly down the page trying to put the name to the face and surprised myself with the results, certainly not 100% but more than I would have given me credit for
    Scotty 1948-53

  2. Mr Stapleton, Mathematics. He was there when I started in 1964 and left in the late 60's when he moved to Kent.

  3. One of his claims-to-fame was the day he met Hitler in 1940 after being taken prisoner near Lillehammer.

  4. Mr Cox told me that his nickname (French for "egg") originated decades ago when he had a large growth on the side of his head. It was surgically removed but by then the name had been imposed by one of his unsympathetic pupils.


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