15 February 2001

Founder's day

I remember the parade in front of the Cathedral next to the war memorial with doc Freeman's strictures to stand perfectly still.
Does the school still observe a remembrance parade?
jim wishart


  1. from Brian Ward   Does Founders day still take place,what form does it take & when is it?   I can remember the whole school marching into Winchester Cathedral,every boy wearing a red & white flower button hole,a bit of a challenge for some parents.I think we all felt a sense of pride on that day,although what actually happened once inside the Cathedral is a complete blank. I do have a photo somewhere of us boys marching into the Cathedral,if I can locate it will post. Brian Ward.

  2. Hi Jim   I remember Founder's Day well.   It was always on a Saturday afternoon in the summer term, and attendance was compulsory.   Prefects and masters took note of who was present, and absentees were punished by Doc with a subsequent Saturday afternoon detention.  I don't remember too well the proceedings inside the Cathedral, but the march from Symonds' Street to the Cathedral by the school en masse was quite impressive.   There always seemed to be a funfair at Bar End on the same day, and that was something to look forward to after the service.   I don't know whether a Founder's Day Service is still held regularly, but I went to the Centenary Commemoration Evensong at the Cathedral on 3 May 1997.  It brought back many memories.    Regards   Peter Smith   


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