10 June 2001

Memory's not what it used to be!

Hi All,
Have just stumbled on your community and had so many memories resurrected.  Sad that my memory is not what it used to be.  I was at Peter Symonds from 1953 to 1959 and seeing so many reminders about my old teachers, their nicknames, habits and dubious characteristics has been great fun.  I noted one discussion trying to remember the name of a German/French teacher during that period.  Surely that was 'Hetty' Hammond.  He made a vain attempt to teach me German but it was fairly easy to turn the German period into a discussion of his war exploits.  How good it was to hear of old 'WhyNot' Wodehouse.  I remember his fondness for pointing out of the classroom window in the direction of Winchester Prison and reminding each of us of the likelihood in his opinion of us all eventually going there.  But he was quite a loveable character.  He once caught me and another 'scrumping' apples which nearly got me in front of Doc Freeman, but I got let off.  Remember that quite a few would regularly smoke behind the fives courts.  He always seemed to know what was going on when he passed by but seemed to turn many a 'blind' eye.  Haven't heard mention of some of the other notable characters,  "Fluebrush" (can't remember his surname), 'Canny' Yates, and dear old Jack Northeast, my orginal formmaster who frequently disappeared during each art lesson into the store room where I think he kept a bottle of something which I don't believe would be classified as art material.  Well remember old 'Fergie' Ferguson.  Yes, it was he who used to get the Tate and Lyle can from the canteen and fill it with gas from the bunsen burner having punctured a small hole on the top which was ignited awaiting the correct explosive combination of air and gas.  When he did that to us, we all cowered behind the benches.  He ridiculed us all, insisting there would not be a big bang.  But he misjudged it and caused everyone on the ground floor to rush up to the first floor chemistry lab to find out if a bomb had gone off.  We were all highly amused.
Well, I could go on.  However, I would be delighted to make contact with anyone from that period for a bit of reminiscing.  Keep the memories flowing.
Dave Smart

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  1. Hi David, Thanks for the message and I am glad that you enjoyed looking through the old messages. Welcome to the club. I am hoping that we can get more photographs posted so if you have any please go ahead,   The message board has gone very quiet lately. Sorry I have not added any input but things at home have been hectic lately and I will be writing to all members shortly to ask if people could act as 'assistant managers', no benefits but on the other hand no work!   regards, jim wishart, list manager 


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