13 October 2001

Cadet Force Band c 1948

I have just seen this photo and can add a few names.   You are correct, the bass drummer behind Doc is Chris. Fulford.   The chap on Doc's right (the drum major with the cane) is Paul Tipple, the chap in his right (in the Naval Cadet uniform) is Derryck Tweedley.   I am on the other end of the front row.   I'll wrack my brains for any other names.
David Cound

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  1. Further to the message re the Cadet Force Band of 1948, when I identified Chris. Fulford as the Bass Drummer.  I was sad to read last week in the School Magazine that Chris had died.   I remember him particularly as he was one of a small group of us who wanted to play Rugby rather than soccer and we joined Winchester Rugby Club and played regularly on the King George V Playing Fields. David Cound.


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