24 September 2002

Upper 6th 1971

Dear All ,
I am pleased to announce that ,after a period of 9 months  ,I have at last managed to upload a photo of my merry band of buddies. It was taken on April 1st after a fantastic response from Junior assembly to the ' School Photograph outside the Old Building at break time ' April Fool we announced that morning. I don't think the young 'uns enjoyed it but we had a good laugh. Photo taken by Nick Ray.
A special quiz for all who were at PSC at  that time !!  Can you name any of this infamous bunch ? Are you one of them ?
PS - I know the names of all of them !! Answers later .


  1. Up on the shoulders: Pete Langley, Geoff Lee, Stuart McNiven-Young.
    Middle row: Eason, ?, hidden, Dave Lovelock, Dave Thirst, Jon Wademan, Bob Lane, (Keith, is that you behind Bob's shoulder?), hidden, Trussler, Pete Ablett, ?, Dave Reeve, me, Ian Hale, ?, Davis.
    Crouching: Nick Ray, Neil Howell, Simon Kent, Dougal McMahon, Simon Barrow, Colin Mansbridge. Nick Ray did the processing but I'm convinced the actual photo was taken by a passing third-former who was ordered on pain of death to click the shutter for us. And I hope someone out there can fill in the blanks that my encroaching senility has left. Seems like only yesterday ... Bernard Webber  

  2. I reckon you're right about the 3rd Former taking the pic. It certainly wasn't Nick as he's in it and I don't remember him running that fast !!   Good effort on the names but no doubt others know the missing ones .   Keith

  3. Bernard   The only name I can add is that the guy between Hale and Davis is Rob Compton. Otherwise can't recognise Eason or Nick Ray, but I'll take your word for it. Good pose from Dave Lovelock, laid back as ever.   Mike Hedges

  4. Isn't Keith standing just behind Bernie's left shoulder? I think that may be the top of my head to Bob Lane's right. Steve

  5. Steve,   I've just checked and it's my eye to the right of Bob Lane. It's more bloodshot these days but it's the one for sure.   Keith   PS -It's also identified on the back of the original  - I checked

  6. When are you going to put us out of our misery then Keith?

  7. Steve & all, The answer is :   Top row : Pete Langley, Geoff Lee, Ian McNiven -Young Middle row:Steve Eason,Bruce Freeman,Steve Mousley's hair', Dave Lovelock,Dave Thirst,John Wademan,John Winepress' top of head,Bob Lane, My eye,Rich Trussler,Pete Ablett,Dave Scivier,Dave Reeve,Neil Groves,Bernie Webber, Ian Hale,Rob Compton,Andy Davis Front row : Nick Ray, Neil Howell,Simon Kent, Dougal , Simon Barrow, Colin Mansbridge   Think that's all of them -unless you know better!!   Happy Christmas   Keith            

  8. Dear Friends , Some of the  'Class of '71' have been in contact and are hoping to be able to hold a reunion for our year group this June to celebrate 32 years apart as well as the dreaded half century that has arrived for all of us. Whilst venue size will impose certain limitations on numbers we hope that as many of the Upper Sixth of that splendid year will want to come to Winchester on the suggested date of June 14. Please send me a mail at kkirby47@hotmail.com if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you.   Keith


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