17 June 2003

Class of '71 reunion 14th June 2003

35 of us got together and still managed to recognise each other after 32 years . The evidence is being loaded into a new album on this site . Please see if you can spot any of us in the photos !!


  1. Keith,            Attached is a file with messages from Bernie Webber, Simon Barrow and Nick Ray for all to access.

    Attachment: Reunion messages from foriegn parts.doc

  2. That did't work so I will e-mail

  3. Great stuff!  I go away on holiday for a few weeks and the whole place livens up!  Lets have more of the same. And new members too!   Three weeks on the Continent in my motor caravan, with the usual breakdown on the Oxford by-pass on the way back. Beleive it or not that's the third time that has happened over the years. Only a puncture this time though. I did get trapped in a garden centre overnight, the AA couldn't get to me till early morning as the gates had been shut at 1800hrs!   regards, jim   

  4. Keith
    thanks for the photo - but sadly I didnt recognise any one - its all that face hair / grey hair no hair business - any chance of emailing me a copy of the photo plus a list of who's who?
    my email address is << mstupart@iinet.net.au >>. Sorry I could make the 'bash' - I can imagine it was a hoot - and I bet there were a fair few surprises about who has done what in the past 30 odd years.

    I have attached a recent mug shot of me and my better half on a camping trip a couple of weeks ago with the old beemer. I am the one without the hat if any one asks.
    Mark - Perth - West Oz

  5. Mark (and all),   I have now added the correct identities of all in the group photo posted in the Class of '71 reunion album . These supercede those previously sent out which didn't spot the sneaky changing of places by somes of the rogues who attended. They were obviously clever enough to fool this old bloke !!   Keith

  6. Realize this message started 4 years ago, but would love to be able to view the picture!
    Lots of familiar names........ I am Paul Rogers ("Rog.") - same year but left after O levels, boarder School House.

  7. I too would love a copy of the photo.

  8. Hi MarkS, five years on and I feel the need to communicate being class of '53 all were foreign to me but what i have noticed in my many "hunting forays" is that there are a large number of Symondians' in OZ - The tyranny of distance however still applies
    from you and Doug Clews in the southwest to me and who else in the northeast, Regards John Scott 1948-1953 waxrose@matilda.net.au

    PS I have found others on Friendsreunited website an interesting and vast accumulation of data


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