04 September 2003

Boarders 1968-75; Re-union 2003-Aug-23/24

Tim Lavender was the driving force behind this re-union; Tim, Mark Wastie and I met at the ButterCross on Saturday morning and renewed our acquaintance with the Cathedral, Stockbridge Road, Inner Fields and the Outer Fields (the old cricket roller is STILL there!).  Walking through Kelso garden, we were invited (by the current owner of Barton Seagrave, now a private house), to view the old dormitories in Barton Seagrave where Tim, Mike, Charlie Ramble et al spent our second year.
Later in the afternoon, Nigel Megson joined us for a pint an the Jolly Farmer and we then adjourned to the King Alfred pub.
In the evening Tim, Mark, Mike and Mike's wife Lesley collected Charlie Ramble at winchester railway station and we then met up with Phil Bromley at the White Horse in Otterbourne.  En-route back to Mike's home in Fair Oak, we dropped in on Nigel's barbecue.
A brief selection of photos is attached.  Mark Wastie is departing imminently for Australia and we are thinking about the future re-unions.
Mike Hindson-Evans (Mike Evans, PSS 1968-1975)

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