21 March 2004

Welcome !!!

I hope Jim is enjoying his Holiday and I am certain he would like me to extend a 'Welcome' to the 3 New Members who recently joined us, so come on in, AdvanceReger, Peter Evans and Ian Hale and enjoy the site !!!
Take care all !!!
Cheers from West Oz


  1. Hello Doug, At last I have managed to get signed in on the site! It seems difficult when using a cyber cafe. We are in Germany, at Munster, and have just visited my daughter. We are off today towards the south maybe Frankfurt. I see that there is a discussion about the Seafire and the glider. I remember both, it was a Seafire, not a Spitfire wasn't it? We weren't allowed to sit in it although we clambered up on the wings to inspect the cockpit. The glider never got more than about three feet off the ground. Glad to see that you are attracting new members! Keep it up, best regards, jim  

  2. M체nster is where we were living when I started boarding at PSS in 1972. I can still remember writing home now, to BFPO 17. Then to BFPO 44 after that (Wulfen) before returning to a big but ugly house on Arborfield garrison. Although you get used to moving every couple of years in a services family, it's somehow weird when it happens when you're not there and going 'home' means going somewhere different to where you last came to school from.

  3. hello Steve, just got on the ferry at Ancona, bound for Patras. Booked a luxery cabin by mistake but we will live with it. Had a lot of adventures so far, some of them enjoyable! Munster was interesting but the people are noted for being a bit stuck up. regards, jim  

  4. Welcome to Bob157137! Can you write a few words Bob and tell us a bit about yourself?  In addition to adding interest to the board this will help us to check bona fides of members because unfortunately quite a few new members are computer generated for commercial reasons!  I see you are not contactable by email. best regards,   jim  

  5. hello Jonn662,
    I am pleased to welcome you to the site.
    Could you tell us a bit about yourself, when you were at the school, anecdotes and so on?
    best regards,



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