29 April 2004

Old Friends & Acquaintances remembered.

Am looking to re-establish contact with Jack Burrows or David Toms who were friends of mine at Peter
Symonds 1942-1948. They do not appear in the Old Symondian Register so any news will be welcome.
Understoodb that Jack moved from Chandlers Ford to Plymouth 1947/8. Dave's Dad was on the police
force in Winchester at the time of the Gay Gibson trial so is probably still in Winchester. My first job after
leaving PS was in the Treasurers Office on Winchester Corporation where Peter Bath and Jack Dineen worked - can anyone tell me if they are still with us .News of any of these people would be welcome.
Thank you.


  1. Hi Lofty   I regret I cannot help you in your quest, but I would be pleased if you would be good enough to fill in a couple of blanks in my own memory (Senior's Moments) ...   I was at Peter Pips from September 1944 til 1950 and I lived in Chandler's Ford until emigrating to Western Australia in 1966 ... we Chandler's Ford'ites travelled by bus to Winchester (mostly on an open-backed ex London Transport bus from the Gas Office) and I thought I knew everyone, but I do not remember a Jack Burrows ... maybe you can tell me more !!! I do remember a David Toms and a Mike Burgess (was that YOU??) Hope someone can come up with some helpful information for you about the two of them ...   Keep smiling ...   Doug Clews Glen Forrest West Oz

  2. Hi,Doug Thank you for your message.all I can remember about Jack Burrows was that his Dad worked in the Docks at Southampton during the war and the family moved to either Devonport or Plymouth shortly after Jack left school -           i remember travelling on the Hants & Dorset bus from Shawford to Winchester to school. After school and during the holidays we used to bike around camping in such places as New Milton and Highcliffe on Sea. My wife and I have friends in Australia - Baulkham Hills,nr Sydney and in Perth,WA. Dave Toms dad was a policeman on the Hants Constabulary -.My name is Brian Burgess. Other people I remember from school were Reggie Pragnell whose uncle kept a newspaper shop in Winchester,the Dudman brothers,Dennis Martin(capt of Mackenzie House) - I was in Northbrook House.,Duggie Balchin,Ralph Fielder. I now live in Wellingborough,Northants since retirement near our son,our five grandchildren and expected this week our first great grand-daughter. I hope things are going well for you and thanks for the memory!!!!


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