23 September 2004

The silly season

Hi, everyone. Hope you're all well.
It really is quiet on the list, isn't it? I suddenly had the horrible thought that it might be that I've recently changed my email address, and perhaps I hadn't updated my MS profile, so perhaps I was missing notifications. Well, indeed I hadn't changed my profile - but now that I've visited the board I see I haven't missed a lot !
Not that I've contributed anything. To try and drum up some news, I entered 'Peter Symonds' into Google's news alert. Lots of results - but not much that would enthral this nostalgic list, I think.
'Penguin News' in the Falklands has news about PS students' AS and A-levels - you knew PSC has a link with the Falklands, didn't you? That's of huge interest to the young striplings, less so to the grumpy old men.
There are lots of news stories written by a bloke called Peter Symonds who contributes to 'World Socialist' and similar rags. There's also a story about a paedophile - but luckily, there's no connection with the school - it's just a paedophile called Peter being arrested by a policeman called Symonds.
So we'll have to make the news. But I haven't got anything to report - just the same old same old. Had a nice couple of weeks in Granada recently, though.
Best to everyone,

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  1. Hello Chris, Good to hear from you. Yes, the list is quiet but there is only so much nostalgia about isn't there! And all the time the grey matter is finding it harder to dredge it up.  However it is nice to know that there is a bunch of people out there who are listening. I have a project which I might get round to soon and that is to ask some of the members on the 'friends reunited' site who have posted eulogies of masters whether they would mind if I put copies on this site. What do you think? I have also thought of calling in at the school on the way down to Gosport which I do every few months and take some photos of the classrooms and surroundings. regards, jim


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