10 February 2005

Recent problems on our web-site

Dear Old Symondian,
Recently we have been plagued by supposed 'members' who join, post an advert which gets sent to the membership, and then leave. They have no connection with the school and in fact don't exist as people but are computer generated messages. The consequence of this could be that messages from this site are eliminated as Spam by the ISP. We have tried to keep the list as informal as possible but in order to stop this abuse we have decided to ask prospective members to apply for membership. In this way hopefully we should get no more adverts posted from this site,
best regards,


  1. Hi Jim and all Old Symondians on this site ...
    As you will be aware, we have experienced quite a lot of 'unsolicited' e-mails on our site ... some of it has been 'harmless' and of a 'commercial' nature, but none the less un-wanted ... some of it has had 'pornographic' connotations ...
    Due to the 'awareness' and 'quick action' of 'Management', Jim Wishart in particular, a lot of the e-mails of that nature have not reached the 'general viewing' forum ...
    We are one of a very few sites that, hitherto,  have not required 'registration' to become a member and in view of what is happening, I wish to state that I TOTALLY support and applaud Management's decision to make the move to 'Registration' in an effort to 'screen out' the 'un-desirables' and so make it better and safer for us all !!! ...
    All the very best from West Oz ...
    Looking forward to a 'safer' site ...
    Doug Clews

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  2. Jim   Re bogus members - it should be easy enough to ask people to either give other old boys as references or post new members names & ask for any existing members who can vouch for them. If new applicants can't find any name they now, at least  ask them to quote some incident during their time that is a matter of record - for example the Seafire, Harry Hawkins excentricities, ex   Cheers   Peter Evans

  3. Hello Peter, Yes, I think you're right. It may be even easier than that in that I think the bogus members are perhaps computer generated anyway and as robots they wouldn't have the nous to apply for membership. regards,   jim  


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