14 March 2005

Symondian Magazine

Bernard Webber recently made reference to 'The Symondian' Magazine ... I wonder if anyone out there has a copy (or a copy of a copy), that records my 'leaving' in 1950 ... the entry would have been short, I am sure, because I did not aspire in anything of note ( except playing 'fives' when I should have been doing 'Classics' in the Library) ... the entry probably would have just said :-
Douglas Clews ... "September 1944 til July 1950 - enough said" !!! ...
SERIOUSLY, if anyone has such copy, I would be VERY grateful ... I had a copy, but when my Parents came to Oz to join me and my Family in 1968, they left it behind !!! ...
Thanks in anticipation ...
Doug Clews
Glen Forrest
Western Australia

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