29 May 2005

REUNION Friday 2 September 2005: 1955 entrants / 1963 leavers

I've received the following email from Chris Haines, Frederick Finch, Colin Matley and Stuart Mariner:
15 The Glade
West Wickham
Kent BR4 9LH
020 8777 6498

8 May 2005
Dear 1955er/1962 leaver,
I am writing to you because it is almost 50 years since about 100 of us took some very tentative first steps entering Peter Symonds School. In conversation with Frederick Finch and Colin Matley the idea of a London gathering to celebrate those beginnings was floated. Stuart Mariner has kindly arranged a perfect venue:

The Farmers Club in Whitehall on Friday 2 September 2005.
Timing is likely to be 6:15pm for 7:30pm or similar and the cost will be confirmed later but it will be modest.
We would very much like you to come along. We are hoping that you do have access to email and that you can email a response to us soon at one of the following addresses:
Frederick Finch fgf@finchassociates.com
Chris Haines  c.r.haines@city.ac.uk
Colin Matley  colin.matley@virgin.net
Stuart Mariner debbies@martin-company.co.uk
If you really cannot come then you must send a note from your mother excusing you on this occasion.
We only have 20 or so names on our contact list, so if you know of other 1955ers then perhaps you would forward this to them or email us with their contact details
All good wishes

Chris Haines
and on behalf of FF, CM and SM


  1. Sounds like a great idea! I fall outside the age range but can I come anyway?   jim wishart   

  2. I regret that I had to miss this event, since I was holidaying in Spain at the time. Is there any member of the list who was there and could tell us a little about it?


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