23 June 2005

Im new to winchester and Peter symonds!

Hey! I know im not an ex-pupil but im well worried about going to peter symonds because im hopefully starting in september!!

Did anyone go to the taster day? I want to know what it was like for you, especially if you didn't know ANYONE! like me!!

Please reply! xxx


  1. Hello Rachael, I am very pleased to welcome you to the site, I hope you find it interesting and useful. I phoned the school this morning and spoke to people there. Julia Anderson in charge of Admissions said that it might be a good idea to speak to a Kim Otteridge who has a daughter who is in the sixth form and who might be able to advise you. So if you ring 857555 and ask for Kim you should get straight through. It is encouraging that you felt able to join and ask the question    best regards   jim wishart, list manager  

  2. Rachel A friend of mine has 2 sons who are also starting at Peter Symonds this year. I have just spoken to her and she would be very happy to arrange a meeting with them (and their friends!). They have been in Winchester for a long time and know the places to go! Their taster day is July 5th (I think).   Send an e-mail to Jane (Mum!) at jane@sarahjaneinteriors.co.uk and she will arrange the rest.   Good luck!   Ian

  3. Hi Rachel...   Some tips I remember from my ealry days at Peter Symonds... where I also, initially, knew nobody....   As you're walking down Owens Road to lunch, remember to doff your cap at the Founder's Grave When swinging on the bars outside Mr Perkins' music room, make sure you remove all loose change from your pockets.. or you'll lose it. Don't smoke anywhere except behind the fives courts Don't believe the Wilson Govt propaganda about the oin your pocket and smoking is bad for you The chip shop down by the Esso garage on the Andover Road gives away 'scraps' for free (sometimes in a copy of Parade) Don't taunt the guy who sits on the buttercross selling newspapers... it's been done before If you're really sneaky you can get into X films at the theater royal Don't drink at the Jolly Farmer, Randy Renton goes there Lowmans doughnuts are bad for you So are those at The Lite Bite Where did the library above the Odeon go to? If you volunterr to be milk monitor, you can sneak a few extra bottles for yourself (stripey top only tho' and nothing back on the empties )   The wallbars lining Northbrook Hall are very slippery... be careful       Least... that's how I remember things....  has anything changed these last umpy years ???   Have they found the roller we hid from outer field yet ???    

  4. Hey Rach   What subjects are you doing? As a new ex symondian having left 5 months ago heres some tips; you'll find the student common room packed therefore its a good idea to meet and be with your friends in varley cafe as its got music there on the jukebox,nice food and a nice series of tables by the windows ideal fora  game of cards   if you need to use the computers best to go straight after your lesson finishes as they go really quick   let us know how your getting on

  5. hi rach, i know its into the term a bit, and you should have settled in ok, but i just wanted to check. when i started at symonds i literally knew no-one, most applicants (well, all except me really) were rejected or chose not to go in the end, leaving me to face it alone. it was so scary at first, but the people in my tutor were fantastic, and over time i made the best group of friends i could ever ask for. Years on, having graduated from different uni's, across the country (from cardiff to durham!) we're all still really close, and agree symonds were the best years of our lives. make the most of it, and by christmas you'll feel like you've been there forever, and already be dreading leaving! it will fly by, so really do enjoy it.

  6. Three years on, how are you finding it? When did ladies get the green light at PS? Certainly not before 1954, the nearest was the fence at the far end of the property way past the old fives courts.
    Hop e all goes well.


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