04 August 2005

Visit to the school with photographs, July 2005

I visited the school on the 29th July and took some photos of various buildings perhaps concentrating on the old ones for the sake of nostalgia. I have posted them in several albums here
There are several loose ends, my memory being what it is, please feel free to fill in the gaps.


  1. Hi Jim

    The photos are GREAT ... I am sure I speak for all of us, from 'our
    era' at least, when I say "thanks" for your trouble ... personally, as
    I have mentioned to you, I am doing 'My Life Story' (or, 'As it was, as
    I remember it') and the piccies, as well as bringing back memories to
    me, will add meaning and 'colour' to the text I have written of a
    period in my life which was so impressionable and unforgetable ...

    'The Selborne Block', from memory, consisted of, Parker (EO Jones),
    Morris (Cissy Cass/Tom Pierce), Selborne (CANYates), The Prefect's
    Room, Bill Syke's (Umph) Greek Room, plus, I think, one other (the 1st'
    one in the block coming from the main building), where Fergie used to
    teach General Science and Jack Northeast Art !!! - there may even have
    been another one next to Selborne, as I seem to remember 2 rooms
    opening from each of the porchways ... I am a bit 'Hazy' myself on the
    Selbourne Block ... I knew I shouldn't have thrown my old timetables
    away !!!

    The 'IT' block looks, from the plan, as though it could be the old
    Music Room, (Mr. Fogwell - Foggy) and the Woodwork Room (Mr Laverty -

    The 'Freeman' block is possibly the old Art Room (Baron Renton) and the
    Physics Lab (Ernie Tanner)

    Keep 'em coming Jim and Thanks again

    All the best from Down Under

    Doug Clews


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  2. I have forgotten what we called "The Selbourne
    Block" in the 60's.
    You are right that two classrooms came off each
    porch, at least in the case of the leftmost classrooms.
    Us Kelso boarders used the first two classrooms in
    the block, along from the path down from Kelso for prep from 5 to 7pm if my
    memory serves me well.
    5th formers in the first one & lower years in
    the next class along.
    I remember getting caught in that room after
    prep one night  on my 15th birthday by Pog Adams, our housemaster, with a
    flagon of cider.
    I was more upset that he tipped it away, than the
    caning I received from Johnny Ashurst the head.

  3. Hi Tim

    Glad I wasn't a Border ... couldn't have handled having the cider
    'tipped away' ... at least us 'Day Boys' had lots of secret places
    where we could 'tipple' in peace !!!

    Smileth for ever !!!


    Doug Clews

    West Oz

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  4. So Tim, what was the first room in the 'Selbourne' Block called ??? ...
    this is the room that 'Fergie' Ferguson used for General Science and
    'Jack' Northeast used for Art ... doubtless it was used by other
    teachers, over the years, for a range of subjects ...

    Doug, from West Oz

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  5. Wasn't one called "Gater" (or something like that)

  6. Well, I think you could be right ... it SORT of rings 'ting-a-lings'
    but a 'Room'doesn't jump into my memory bank !!! ... maybe others have
    something to add here ...


    Doug from West Oz

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  7. I'm glad other people's memories are as hazy as mine otherwise I would feel the need to visit a head doctor!   The end room I think was Selborne and I associate that with German and Laingy and also Cany Yates.  The next one was Bowker with Jack Northeast..   Maybe we will get a consensus on this but I have found through hard won experience in local politics that using a democratic vote is not a very good way to determine the truth!   jim  

  8. Hi Jim

    Just had another 'splurge' of memory ... Front of Main Building ... Eastern End ... from memory, there was a door there (just out of shot in the photo) which took you into the main building ... on the left as you went in was BAKER (Mr Cousins hideout ... senior Maths) and on the right were the Caretaker's lodgings (George Yaldren/Yoldran in my day) ... you then turned left just past the entrance into Baker and walked down the corridor with Doc Freeman's Study, School Secretary's Office (Mrs Renton, nee Doc's daughter), the stairs up to the Lecture Room, Chem Lab and Physics Lab and then the Main Entrance all on the left, with the blank wall of Braithwaite (which opened off the Hall) and the Hall itself on the right ... I also remember that the 1/3 pint glass bottles of free school milk was delivered daily in crates and were piled against the wall below the small set of windows (Caretaker's House) ... this was ok in the cooler months, but in summer, by the time 'Break' came at 10.20 a.m. (I think), the top bottles were pretty sour and half empty where the 'Blue Tits' had got at them !!! ... I quite looked forward to 'Milk Duty' which meant collecting the crates from outside and taking them into the Hall for students to endulge on a course of 'Health Giving Nectar', because it invariably meant extra milk, which I loved (and still do to this day) ...

    Well, time to go ...

    Catch you all later ...

    Cheers from West Oz ...

    Doug Clews

  9. As boarders, one of our tasks in I think the second
    year was to take a crate of milk to Kelso during morning break, for which we
    were rewarded with two rich tea biscuits.
    Looking back it must have been a scam to save on
    the food budget by using Free milk. I personally have always hated milk and the
    one thing I have to thank Mrs. Thatcher for in my leaving year is that as the
    new education secretary she stopped free milk supplies to secondary

  10. And just look at what happened to Secondary School Students after that in later years ... no hair, no teeth and short finger nails !!! ...well done Mrs Thatcher !!! ...
    I jest, but it is becoming increasingly obvious from current research and medical reports, that 'real' milk is an important ingredient of good health ... I will continue to drink my daily 1/2 pint glass at bed-time (even though my teeth are of the 'National Health Variety' and my hair is hard to define) ... (finger nails are normal) !!!
    Doug Clews (aka 'Anonymous')
    West Oz
    p.s. Keep smiling Guys
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