23 November 2005

New member-Lindsay.

Hi, I'm Lindsay, I'm new here. I'm in Lower VI at Peter Symonds College, taking my A-Levels.
If anyone has any questions about the site as it is now, or what the buildings look like inside now, I'd be happy to oblige. I know most places, except from the boarding houses as I'm not a boarder.
I might even be able to get some photos if anyone would like :)


  1. Hi Lindsay

    WELCOME to the site ...

    I am sure others, apart from myself, might take you up on your offer of photos of things as they are now ...

    Personally, I am endeavouring to compile, in book form, a record of things, places, people and events in my life 'As I remember them' ... needless to say, Peter Pips plays a Major Role in those memories and many people have supplied photographic memories for me ...

    I would be delighted, if at all possible, to get photos of the interiors of Classrooms that were in my day, 1944 to 1950, as well as a complete list of the names of the rooms in what we called the Selbourne Block (Morris, Parker Smith etc.,)

    Many things have changed I realise, but I am hopeful of getting piccies and info of as many things, as are still available, as they were in my time ...

    Thanks in advance for your kind help ...

    Doug Clews
    Joint Site Manager
    Western Australia

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  2. Hey Lindsay,   what subjects are you studying?   do they still have the jukebox in varley cafe?   what are the upper 6th like?   Nick (symonds 2003-2005)

  3. I'm studying German, Law, Sociology and late History. Jukebox is still in Varley cafe, downstairs. Upper 6th are okay, there's more of us than them because Symonds let in about 300 too many Lower 6th, so they aren't really able to moan about us :)

    Doug-do you (or anyone else for that matter) have any clue as to what the "Selbourne block" is called now? or any other buildings that you want?


  4. ah cool not much has changed then   went back there for a reunion a couple of weeks ago was good fun plus free booze!   who do you have for history? i did early history   Nick


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