10 October 2006

The 1955-63 cohort

On Friday 15 Sep, the 1955-63 cohort of Symondians held a reunion dinner at
the Farmers Club, off Whitehall. The event was organized by Chris Haines and
looks like being a regular annual thing - this was the second.

I thought Chris's extensive contact list of 1955-63 people might be of value to
someone on Nostalgia Corner. I don't feel free to include their email addresses
here, but if you want to get in contact with one of these people, I could
forward a message.

(* indicates those who have responded to Chris Haines)

- - -

Colin Archer* James Kimpton
Martin Aymes Michael Lancaster*
Mike Barron* Stuart Mariner*
Keith Beeson* Richard Marsh*
Peter Boardley* Colin Matley*
Malcolm Boddington Roger Maule-ffinch*
George Bowen* John Merriman*
Nigel Carpenter* David Page*
John Collis* Mark Perkins*
Chris Cooper* Laurie Peter*
Martin Cooper* Michael Phillis*
Michael Cosgrove* Andrew Proctor*
Mike Critchell* David Sansome*
David Day* John Sanders*
Tony Davies Tom Sawyer
David Dawson* Michael Selfe*
Malcolm Dawson Roger Skinner
John Eatwell* Robbie Sprague*
Frederick Finch* Frank Stilwell
Derek Fox* Richard Stoneham*
Paul Green Roger Thornton*
Denis Griffiths* Les Thorley
Jon Grove* Michael Turner
Tony Grove* David Walton-Masters
Chris Haines* Peter Watson*
Eric Hammerton* Owen Williams*
Robert Hammond Malcolm Wilton*
Kenneth Humphries* Lesley Yaldren
Garth Jeffery*


  1. hi Chris, Thanks for a very useful email!   jim

  2. Hi Chris

    As Jim Wishart has already indicated 'a very useful list' for the
    'Nostalgia-ites' ... I have no doubt there are names there that someone
    would like to make contact with ... thanks for the list !!! ...

    One name on the list catches my eye ... although well after my time at
    PSSW, I seem to remember the School Caretaker in my time was one
    'George Yaldren' so I wonder if by chance there is any relationship
    with 'Lesley Yaldren' ... if so, I wonder if Lesley has anything of
    interest about George and his time at School ???

    Take care all and keep smiling

    Doug Clews
    Glen Forrest
    Western Australia

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    Answers: Share what you know and you might make someone's day

  3. Unfortunately, Lesley is listed by Chris H. as having been in contact with him "by post" - so following up this line of thought would mean someone *writing* to him - on actual paper!

  4. Hi Chris

    PAPER !!! ... what is that ???

    REAL writing !!! ... forgot how to do that years ago when 'Puters' came

    However, hopefully, SOMETHING will come from this !!! ...


    Doug Clews

    Glen Forrest


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