19 June 2007

Tony Brenton

Hi All,
Since no-one else has noted it in these pages,  may I mention that Anthony Brenton, who left PSSW and Wyke Lodge in 1968, was knighted (KCMG) in the Queen's birthday honours list. Congratulations to him. It must be a challenging post at any time, but right now who would want to be HM ambassador in Moscow?
Tony Ottridge


  1. Hi Tony, Good news eh? That's 'kindly call me God' isn't it?  I am racking my brains to report an equvalent honour but all I can come up with is that I rose to the rank of Five Star Sapper in my national service in the Royal Engineers. Does that count? Seriously though, well done Anthony Brenton!   jim wishart, list manager, 

  2. A big thank you to you, Tony Ottridge, for posting the information about Anthony (Tony) Brenton ... indeed an great honour for him, and, I guess, for the School ... it is great to hear of the successes and achievements of ex pupils ...

    Doug Clews
    (Joint Manager)
    Glen Forrest
    Western Australia

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  4. Doug, it was no trouble. By the way, you might care to repost the attached pic of Wyke Lodge internees from 1968. It was lost from the site months ago - I don't know who originally posted it, but I cribbed a copy, and here it is back again. Tony Brenton is in the second row from the front, seated, second from the right. Not his best picture. He was in the year above me, so we were not mates - also because I was in Kelso, not Wyke, though I used to smoke round there a lot!. I last saw him at a house party in Cambridge in Nov 1973. Two other people who were mates are in the picture, though, standing, third row, third and fourth from the right. They are Dag Nippierd (third) and Steve (Dave? forgotten, fourth) Sharrock. Anybody know where they are now?   While I am about it, I shall attach another "lost" pic, which I did originally post, Kelso/Barton Seagrave Upper Sixth, 1969. It pictures, standing, L to R, Joe (Andy)Brown, Neil Dickson, John Fowler, Rich Vaal, Kev Hitchings and sitting, L to R, Pete Gates (sadly no longer with us), yours truly, David Walsh, Chris Clarke and Rich Hartt.   Best wishes, Tony

    Attachment: Kelso.jpg

  5. I can name the most of the other people in the Wyke Lodge picture (I think)....   Back row, from left: ?Justin Forder, Steve Denison, Mark Stupart, ? Grant, Jim Elliott, ?, "William" Berridge, Bob Elliott, Nick Brenton Third Row, from left: David Saul, John Mallett, Kevin Frost, Steven King, Charles Morrish, Steve Sharrock, Dag Nippiard, Guy Wilson, Gavin Stupart Second Row: ?Tony Brooks, ?Steven Perry, Andrew Vine, Joyce Renton, Allen Barron-Renton, ? Freeman, Tony Brenton, Andrew Renton Front Row, from left: Martin Sharrock, Nigel Herriott, Hugh Maisey, Nigel Denison, Gareth Wiliams, Nigel Dean, yours truly (Richard Adams), Robert Aplin              

  6. Hi All,   I have just caught up with the various discussions post in recent times. Brought back heaps of memories!  Some very foggy of course.   Re the  great photo of Wyke Lodge, I can add my name to those in the back row - I am between Jim Elliott and William Berridge wearing glasses. Most of the others are correctly identified. But I cannot recall who is on the left of Mark Stupart _ I do not remember a Grant??   I am not surprised at the success of our house cohort from that era. There were some very bright guys in my time there, who I struggled to keep up with in the classroom! I have in my memory the fact that PS was the second best GS in the whole country for GCE results. Could have been spin of course! But the numbers of our year groups going to Oxford/Cambridge were pretty high, eg Chris Morrish, Nick Brenton, etc.   I have a few photos mainly of the hockey teams in my archive - I shall get them scanned and post them to the site.   Best regards to all   Michael Horn 1964-71


  7. Hi Michael Horn   Glad the site has stirred up a few memories, even if some might be a tad misty ... I know the feeling !!! ...   Although before your time at Peter Symond's, I am able to say that I was one of the eleven VOLUNTEERS when asked if anyone was interested in playing hockey ... my time at PSSW was 1944 to 1950, so I am guessing a little, as I cannot remember exactly, but I think that would have been 1948/49 ... I believe the School played Hockey in even earlier years and I am not sure when they stopped, possibly because of the war (maybe someone can shed some light on that), but ours was certainly the first team since 1944 ... we were coached and umpired, by Mr. Hammond and Mr.Pierce and, although novices, the team was reasonably successful with its results ...  
    I look forward to seeing your photos of the team in your era ...   Keep smiling all ...   Doug Clews Glen Forrest Western Australia

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  8. Dear all,

    I didn't know Tony Brenton at all - but I did play hockey at the old school and am dlighted to see the name of Mike Horn in these messages.

    How about Ted Milam and Richard Sharrock, a couple of other names that will be known to those that played hockey, certainly in my era.

    I started at the first opportunity, being far too small to be any good at football or rugby. I made the first XI in the fifth year and stayed with it, under Reg ("Neddy") Bray.

    I have recollections of sticks made of a substance called wood that you actually had to oil occasionally, leather balls that, when wet, acquired the quality of small bore cannon balls from Trafalgar and rolling in from the side when the ball went out. Happy days! I came back into the game a few years ago, to find untold horrors awaiting me. The pitch is smooth and the ball doesn't bobble, sticks now made of rocket materials, balls with a gaiety of colour that can make your eyes water, goalkeepers that look like transformer robots, a pace to the game that nearly killed me first time out, the look of bewilderment on the umpire's face the first time I brought a ball down with my hand and opponents that can run faster than the east wind! How the game has changed. I hope these few observations will bring a warm glow of reminiscence to those of us that started with the old english stick.

    Remember John Richens? Whatever happened to him? Anybody know?

    Best wishes to all, including those on the far side of the planet!

    Bill Harrop

  9. Michael Horn - g'day from Perth Oz - as your ex-dorm mate I feel happy to welcome you into the fold. Its somewhat ironic that Doug Clews who kindly manages the site, lives about 15klms from me up in the hills at the back of Perth.

    Where is this famous pic of Wyke Lodge - I don't seem to be able to find it on the site ??
    And just to confirm . . . . . Lawrence Grant is the missing name - ginger hair and frequently with a crew cut. He was in the year above us at W.L. along with Dave Saul, Richard Mallett and Justin Forder.

    I also have a stack of 'hockey' photos and suspect that they will be the same as yours. I recall that your father was a BOAC pilot and that we shared your pinapples in the dorm which he had brought home for you from exotic places.

    Do you remember Phil 'Jock' Parry - I catch up with him when I go back to UK (as in May this year) and he keeps in close touch with Martin Fowler, "bounce" Anthony?? Rowland and several others - including Matt Corker who was in the Hong Kong police - I spoke to him on Phil's mobile in May.

    Unfortunately I missed out on the 'leavers of 1971' dinner about three years ago organised by Keith Kirby to celebrate many of our year turning 50. Hopefully and with enough notice I will be able to make the next one. There were photos on the site of the event - but they seem to have disappeared (coutesy of the Microsoft "accident") and included Bob Elliott from our lot who I was told was teaching in Cheltenham - tried to track him down but no success.
    Any clues as what happened to Andrew Dennison and Nic Brenton?


    Mark S

  10. Hi Mark, Only recently joined, so picking up on some names from the past! I am Paul Rogers, ex school house, same year as you. Surname abreviated so was known as "Rog." in those days. Remember Jock well, wonder if he still has his passion for motor bikes? Also you mentioned Martin Fowler - Martin and I went to school together in Cyprus pre-PS, I think it was his brother John's tales of school that inspired us to want to go to PS, recon he would have made a good politician or salesman because he certainly sold it to us! Rather wish he hadn't in retrospect! I left after O levels, and went to a "normal" school - for 2 A level years of catching up on youth, and fun fun fun! (Didn't have much of that in PS did we?)
    I used to keep a Lambretta in the multi storey car park in Winchester whilst a boarder in School house, so was at least able to escape now and again - never let on to many people about that one, would have been crucified if certain folk had found out!! Anyway, after a life of trucks, some fast cars and a few other adventures now enjoy spare time exploring mountains inland from the Costa Blanca in Spain on a 1950's bike again. Wife and daughter here enjoying better climate and lifestyle than old UK too.
    Best regards, "Rog."

  11. Hi Mark - very good to hear from you. All the way from Perth to Melbourne. I remember sharing the dorm with you of course. But I can't recall the pineapples at all! How strange we ended up in Oz - we would not have imagied such a future back in '70/71!!   The photos I have are indeed the school hockey team shots from 69/70 (1st XI) and an earlier U15's (?) team with Mr Bass (English teacher).   I remember Matt Corker mainly through playing cricket in the 2 nd XI, but was good friends with Robin Rowland who lived for quite a while in Chandler's Ford near the lake. We used to play golf together at Hockley during the long summer holdiays. The family moved quite suddenly away from our area, but I did catch up with him at Warwick Uni when he was looking around the campus to decide whether to take up a place there.   I kept in contact with a few old boys during uni and afterwards when I worked in London for a while. I played hockey at Hampstead and later for one season with Bill Dastur at Tulse Hill. After I travelled overland in '78 through Asia and ended up in Melbourne, I lost contact with them.   I heard the sad news of Ted Milam's passing and did exchange emails with Bill Dastur recently about that. I have visited family in C/Ford over the years but only for short visits which have not allowed time to try to track down old friends unfortunately. None of these have coincided with one of the reunions, but maybe I should plan for the next one - now that my children are older so we can leave them here for a few weeks.   best regards   Michael H       

  12. Ah yes... Mike Horn.... thanks....   and yes.. it was Lawrence Grant.... and, surely, John Mallett, instead of Richard ??    

  13. Hi there Michael Horn   As you possibly may have seen from a previous posting, I am just up the road from Mark in the Hills about 24kms east of Perth City … have been in Western Australia since emigrating from C/Ford in March 1966 … You may also have noticed I was a ‘founder member’ of the first School Hockey Team to
    be formed after WW2 under the care of Mr. Hammond and Mr. Pierce in 1949 (might have been late ’48) … we had a John Rowland(s) in the team, who, from memory, came from Colden (Golden) Common, so as you were involved 20 years down the track, there is a chance, I suppose, there might be a connection with your Robin Rowland(s) … I note you are/were a C/Ford’ite, as indeed I was, having lived in Meadow Grove from 1937 til 1959, Oakmount Road ’59 – ’62 and Brownhill Road ’62 – ’66 … where in the ‘village’ were you ?   In passing, I caught up with another OS yesterday, Ian Baldwin, also from C/Ford, whom I had not seen since 1951 … FANTASTIC !!! … Ian emigrated to Melbourne in ’51 and then shortly afterwards, on to Dunedin in South Island, New Zealand, where he currently lives with his wife.   Look forward to your postings of Hockey team photos All the best Doug Clews Joint Site
    Manager Glen Forrest Western Australia

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  14. Hi All,

    After such a long interval, I have at last found and scanned my old sports team photos, as I mentioned in a previous message. I had trouble naming all the players.....??

    Attached are:

    Under 15's hockey in 1967-8 ?

    BR: R Gatensbury (?), R Storrar, N Freeman, ?Eason, ? Ray,
    FR: ?, W Dastur, R Elliott, Mr Rolfe (?), Mr Bass, M Horn, M Stupart, E Milam.

    First XI hockey 1969-70

    BR: R Elliott, W Dastur, R Storrar, M Horn, E Milam,
    FR: M Stupart, M Biles, R Good, Mr Bray, J Mallett, D Saul, J Elliott.

    Under 15's cricket 1967-8 ?

    BR: ? Hale, A Davis (?), ? Eason, R Elliott, ?Mansbridge, M Corker, ?, R Rowland, ? Barrow (?),
    FR: M Horn, W Dastur, E Milam, Mr Dearnely, ? Caldwell, ? Mcniven-Young, R Trussler.

    Can anyone fill in the gaps and make any corrections for me?

    I hope you all are well across our shrinking world.

    Best regards,


  15. Think I may be able to help you out ... though disappointed I'm not in the pic. Mind you I may be ... can you send me a opy please?     BR: ? Hale, A Davis , Stephen Eason, Rich Elliott, Colin Mansbridge, Matt Corker, , Robin  Rowland, Simon Barrow,
    FR: M Horn, W Dastur, E Milam, Mr Dearnely, Minnie Caldwell, Stuart Mcniven-Young, R Trussler.


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