29 July 2007

"Ollie" Postgate.

I've just joined the forum, so going through adding my two-pennyworth!
A past post mentions Noggin.
I remember Noggin - or Ollie - OO Postgate. He taught us English in the room above the headmaster's study, directly next to my very first form room in P/S. Recall asking him if he was OO of BBC fame, and he claimed he was his brother. I remember wasting many hours attempting to think of 4 christian names so 2 brothers could have initials OO!
Recently Desert Island Discs featured OO - (the BBC one,) and he referred only to his brother John - also that he was busy doing animations in the late '60 s , so even now have not resolved the question. Perhaps someone will enlighten me?
Anyway, I fondly remember a gentle and kind teacher who delighted in reading us stories! A Gentleman.

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