18 March 2009

Re-union in Australia, 18th. March 2009

After virtually 59 years, John (Mick) Davey and Doug Clews met up for the 1st time since Doug left Peter Pips in the summer of 1950 ... the re-union took place on 18th. March 2009, at Midland, an eastern suburb of Perth, in Western Australia ... a very enjoyable, extended, solid (and liquid) lunch was had at a Swan Valley Restaurant and Winery, during which, MUCH reminiscing about Peter Symonds', Eastleigh, People and things in general, took place ... it is surprising what can be dug out of the old memory bank when one tries !!! 


  1. great stuff Doug and John, congratulations

  2. congratulations to you both (grrrrrh) Judging by the table in the club the correct local speak would appear to be P*ss Up. and I thought the recent big winds from the West was a Meteorolgical feature

  3. Hi John ...
    HONEST ... we had ONE bottle of wine between us AND we didn't even finish that (I asked for a refund, but they didn't seem to know how to handle that, as it went all quiet !!!) ...
    'Mick' is on his way to Eyres Rock, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney today ...
    Cheers ...
    Doug from WOZ


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