16 October 2009


A welcome goes to David Dennis, who has just joined us ...Perhaps you could post a few bits and pieces about yourself David and your years spent at PSSW for all to share ...Hope you enjoy the site and are perhaps able to make contact with some ex school-mates ...

Doug Clews
Western Australia

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  1. A brief reply at the moment which I will expand upon later when time allows. I was at PS between 1968 and 1975 and so under the headmastership of John Ashurst until his departure for Hymers in 1971. My final year in the Upper Sixth in 1974-5 saw the first year of the intake to the sixth form college as the Lower Sixth in that year. I graduated from the University of Hull in 1978, was called to the Bar in 1979, and practised at the Chancery Bar in Liverpool from 1981 until 2002, when I left the Bar. I converted to academia and am at present a lecturer in The School of Law at the University of Liverpool. Still no hint of a scouse accent (or so I understand) and I am very happy in the north west.

    Lots of happy memories from PS. I used to walk down Bereweeke Road to PS at more or less the same time as did Mr Ashurst and remember vividly the echo of his authoritative footsteps following behind me which ensured no dilly-dallying on my part on the way to school. Mr Ashurst was my form's Latin master in our first and third years and was part of a formidable ensemble of classics master in PS in those days,

    I also fondly remember Mr Amos, my history master in the sixth form, and Messrs Cooper and Bowman, my English masters in the Sixth form - all teachers who communicated a love of their subject and of learning. I still see Colin Harris from time to time - my father still lives in the same road in Winchester as Colin and Mary Harris.

    It is often difficult for me to get back to Winchester due to University commitments but have resolved to complete the standing order in favour of the OS before the end of this year and I will attend the Winchester dinner one day!


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