16 January 2012

Australian Contacts

Just to ensure that those of you who have ended up in Aussie have learnt Australia History.
On 25th April 2012 I will be at a place well know in Aussie History.As part of my holiday in the Black Sea I will be at Gallipoli where Australia became a nation rather than a colony.
Please pass this on to any other PSS members
Mick Davey


  1. My eldest did the trip some 6 years ago and we remember his fone call and pic of him and his mates huddled up together in sleeping bags on the oval and not sleeping a wink more a result of the sub zero temperatures, rather than the sense of history, but has never missed a dawn service since whether in UK, Oz or NZ. Make sure you wrap up well

  2. Interesting contribution. we took a camper van from Greece round to Turkey overland in about 1995 and we crossed the Dardanelles on a small ferry. We remembered the Australian sacrifice in the first world war,


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