28 December 2019

I have been informed this week by Nigel, brother of Brian Sacree, that Brian unfortunately passed away on 7th. February 2019.

It is thought that Brian must have been at Peter Symonds' from 1941 to 1946, 
but a little uncertainty as to actual dates exists within the family.
Brian was a member of the 1942 Athletics Group, and also a member of the JTC Band, playing the Bugle.
Brian signed on for military service in 1947 at the age of 17. He had wanted to join the Glider Pilot Regiment (shades of Operation Market Garden!!), but as that had recently been disbanded, fell back on his second choice, the Royal Corps of Signals, following his Dad who had served in the Signals during the war.
Upon reaching 18 he was called up and in February 1948 went to the 37 Primary Training Centre at Peninsula Barracks, Winchester. 
The reason I mention this is that having gained his ‘red badge’ for basic skills, when in Peter Symonds’ Training Corps, his training was shortened by 2 weeks, which was a significant bonus as far as Brian was concerned at the time.
His experience in the Signals was the foundation of his later working career in aircraft/defence technology.

Note: Photos have been posted under 'Students' and 'JTC'  

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