16 March 2021

 The original post dates back to 05 May 2001 as follows:

'Can anyone name each of the classrooms that ran from the centre of the school towards the squash courts? 

I think the first was Oswald Simpkins, then came Parker Smith, then Morys. The next two I can't remember. I think the last one on the block was Bowker. Then there were the two Art rooms - I think the first was Gater - can't remember the other, but it was the one that Renton used.'

Today we have:


It has taken 19 years and 10 months to get a positive full answer, but hey, we got there, thank you to Dave Turner for your post today ...

The rooms are, from east to west, as follows:

Oswald-Simpkin, Parker Smith, Morys, Kenyon, Chelmsford, Bowker, Selborne
All of the above have been mentioned in other posts over the years, but not with great certainty. 

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