21 January 2001

lincoln bomber crash

In about 1950 I was playing football on the school playing field when a Lincoln bomber flew directly overhead and then it banked and dived steeply into the ground about two miles away, there were no survivors. I cycled up to the site of the crash. The wreckage was spread over an area about 300 yds square, no part of it seemed larger than about one foot across. Does anyone remember that?
jim wishart, site manager,


  1. I have had to post this mail myself as I think there is a local problem with the msn server   I have just had my first look at your website, but seemed unable to reply to the piece about the Lincoln Bomber   I also vividly recall the accident. At the time I was at Western Primary School and because the school was overcrowded we had our lessons in Christchurch Church Hall, which was at the end of West End Terrace adjoining Romsey road. Because there were no recreation grounds there, we used to go to Oram's Arbour for our breaks.   On the afternoon in question, Monday 18th September 1950, we were on the Arbour and witnessed the plane in trouble coming down in the vicinity of Lanham Lane, as it transpired.   Why do I know the exact date ? Because the accident was covered in the Hampshire Chronicle '50 Years ago' column last year   Mike Vokes   thanks for that Mike, I see you also went to Western School. I have started a similar page for that school as well, no members yet though! :- http://communities.msn.co.uk/winchesterwesterncofeschoolelmroad    

  2. I too was playing football at the time, and remember it well.   Much later  (1956-7) I actually flew in a Lincoln  (only once) up and down the Red Sea looking for Russian subs  !!   Regards     Brian Gates

  3. I remember it too-I cycled out to it with someone after school (wasn't you was it?). the area was cordoned off by police who would not let us pass, however I picked up a few remnants which remained in my mum's toolbox for years after. the pilot's name was Smailes.   Remember the traffic census Brian?   Peter


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