13 January 2001

remembering Mr Cozens, MC

do you remember Mr Cozens?
I remember him as a very good maths teacher who was very well respected.
when i was about thirteen years old and at the start of a new school year my form moved up into his class while he was away on extended leave, I think it was for medical reasons. He had set maths problems which were written up on the board each lesson. We worked away without a break and his spirit seemed to hover in the room keeping a watchful eye on us. After what must have been several weeks he returned and we met him for the first time as our teacher. Expecting that our work would be checked carefully I remember being quite nervous but there was no reference to the work at all. He just started on something new. We were impressed.
jim wishart, left 1952
does anyone know how he was awarded the MC?


  1. I see that Neil Jenkinson refers to his accuracy when throwing the blackboard rubber. I certainly don't remember that, I felt he kept discipline purely by force of personality. jim wishart, list manager,

  2. posted by jim wishart for David Ward   Mr Cousins Deputy Head and an excellent maths teacher. If we had him for the last period on any day there was the chance to get away early. He would shoot quick-fire mental sums at us and would then ask one of the raised hands to give the answer. If correct, that person would be allowed to leave the class. Yes – I did succeed two or three times.

  3. Jim, Mr Cousins remains my idea of the perfect teacher , I think we had different math teachers in the 3rd and maybe 4th forms and then moved to him.I started off being rather scared of him ,but later grew to respect and like him.You would start a lesson knowing nothing about a particular subject and at the end you felt you really understood it.He was tough but fair and occasionally funny.

  4. I too remember C.J. Cozens, He was my grandfather.I am pleased to read the comments. My father C.J.K.Cozens (John) was at the school also (pre WW2).   Chris Cozens

  5. Hi Chris   For what act of bravery was your grandfather awarded the MC?   Super teacher as well!.   Regards   Peter Smith

  6. Hello Peter,
     When I am next at my parents' house I will
    look up Grandpa's MC but from what I can remember it was for dealing with a fire
    on his gun,which was a very large one on railway tracks! There is a 
    mention in his War Diary.He was only about 20 at the time,and he records it as a
    small matter! The medal and citation are in my Mother's possession I will look
    it up and let you know.He was a Captain in a Hampshire regiment. He also
    had other medals including an MBE for services to education.
    I have often been told that he was an inspirational
    teacher, unfortunately he never taught me I was only 5  when he died in
    November 1955 on his way to the school's Remembrance Service.
    I will contact you again when I have more to
    Best Regards,

  7. Just added another couple of pages to the Obituary button, this time it is of CJ Cozens. I got it from Neil Jenkinson's book, hope that you enjoy it.   regards, jim wishart,    


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