06 May 2001

Name those rooms!

Can anyone name each of the classrooms that ran from the centre of the school towards the squash courts?
I think the first was Oswald Simpkins, then came Parker Smith, then Morys. The next two I can't remember. I think the last one on the block was Bowker. Then there were the two Art rooms - I think the first was Gater - can't remember the other, but it was the one that Renton used.


It has taken 19 years and 10 months to get a positive full answer, but hey, we got there, thank you to Dave Turner for your post today ...

The rooms are, from east to west, as follows:

Oswald-Simpkin, Parker Smith, Morys, Kenyon, Chelmsford, Bowker, Selborne
All of the above have been mentioned in other posts over the years, but not with great certainty. 


  1. hi Mike, I can't remember those names apart from Bowker, did they rename them after I left or is it my memory? Wasn't the next-last Selborne? jim

  2. Jim,   Have just looked in Neil Jenkinson's book to try and see when room names came in (ie whether it was after you left), and in doing so, have found (on 109) that Selborne was the last one in the row. So Bowker must have been last but one.   On same page it gives the names of the art rooms as Gater and Clifton (this room was at the further end). As I remember it, Jack Northeast operated from Gater and Renton from Clifton. Also says here that Gater and Clifton were built in 1952 - perhaps at the time you left?   This leaves the room where Pa Watts taught (next to Tom Pierces's Morys) and the one beyond that (Tweedy Harris) - can anyone remember these?   Mike

  3. hi Mike, yes, that's right, Selborne is on the end and I associate that with Cany Yates, and Bowker was next door and that was Jack Northeast. I can remember Renton working in the art rooms but all the rest is a bit fuzzy. I certainly remember that Pa Watts had a room off the main hall in my time. It was in Selborne that it was confirmed that I was colour blind, Cany gave me the Japanese colour dots test before accepting me in the air cadets, and I was very disappointed to fail. He still accepted me though, so that was alright! regards, jim wishart, list manager.        

  4. hi mike I don't remember the names of all the rooms, but Chelmsford ("Cissy" Cass - french) was in the middle, next to the prefects room; also, the door of Parker Smith (EO Jones) could be set at an angle to view the reflection of EO coming up the steps from the main building - late as usual. regards peter smith

  5. Thanks Peter, you've cracked it!   So I think that makes the sequence going away from the centre of the school as:   Oswald Simpkins Parker Smith Morys Chelmsford Bowker Selborne   In my time, the prefects' room was next to the woodwork room (Phillimore). Not sure when it moved there.   Mike

  6. posted by jim on behalf of peter     Hi Mike
    Thanks, but what happened to the small room that was in the middle of the new
    block, next to Kenyon and was its mirror image?  Perhaps they were made into
    one larger room.


  7. Peter,   I'd forgotten Kenyon - that's where Pa Watts taught. So perhaps there were 8 rooms not 6 in the row? If so the 8th is beyond my recall.   I'm signing off now because my wife has just told me that reminiscing about room names is very sad!   Mike

  8. Hi Mike, She's right!! But not half as sad as remembering names with no idea why or where! Why do I remember Bigg and Brathwaite?? Rgds, Mike Minty

  9. There were seven rooms in the Annexe. Going from East to West they were: Oswald-Simpkin, Parker Smith, Morys, Kenyon, Chelmsford, Bowker, Selborne


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